WELCOME to the tour of our shop page!  We are glad you could join us.  Sit back and grab your favorite cup of brew and enjoy the stroll through time.... past and the present, viewing our store in all seasons.  We have many different themed areas to give you decorating inspiration, from the Olde Farmhouse Garden to the Olde Colonial Keeping Room.  Of course, if you want to experience to true ambiance of The Olde Homestead, you can stop in to visit us in person!

The Olde Colonial Keeping Room

The Olde Farm Settlement

The Olde Farmhouse Kitchen

The Olde Farmhouse Garden

The Olde Farmer's Market

Shower Curtains, Country Curtains & Rugs

The Olde Wash House

The Olde Country Store

Miss Addie's Place

The Olde Homestead
S 42nd St
Mount Vernon, Illinois 62864

Phone: +1 618-246-1055


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